Benefits of padel

If padel has become the fastest growing sport in the world, it’s because it has so many benefits. A smart mix of many racquet sports that makes it unique and terribly addictive…




    • Less physical effort is required than in tennis or racquetball
    • Longer rallies due to the small size of the court and fences
    • More time playing and less time picking up ball
    • 50mins of play per hour versus only 15mins of play for tennis!


    • Players learn how to play relatively quickly and improve fast
    • The point starts with a underhanded serve which is an easy shot to make and to return
    • There are two chances to return the ball, before and after it hits the glass
    • The racquet is very easy to handle
    • Unlike other sports, players can start doing rallies immediately


    • It’s a team sport, only played in doubles
    • Having 4 people on a small court at the same time brings everyone closer, making social conversation between players an integral part of the game
    • It is a entertaining sport to watch with spectacular points
    • It is a intergenerational game, in which children, grandparents and parents can play all together



padel kidsKIDS

Kids can start playing padel very young, from 4 years old only. They love playing padel because the game is relatively easy for them and they can start doing rallies immediately. There is also a lot of other games you can do on a padel court to have fun!

Also padel is interesting for them because it promotes teamwork, as well as hand-eye coordination.


padel women2WOMEN

Women also found in padel another way to play sports. It remains a great workout without being too demanding physically or technically, like tennis or squash.  As a matter of fact, the number of women playing padel at an amateur level has doubled over the last 2 years.

Today, approximately 30% of the players are women vs 15% in tennis.


padel seniorsSENIORS

How many sports give the chance to people to play with their grandkids? Not much, but good news is padel is definitely one of them! It is truly a cross-generational game, that allows seniors to play with the whole family while enjoying a good workout.

For them, it represents the perfect intermediate between tennis and golf.