Our expertise to help you success

Nowadays, padel is the fastest growing sports.  There are many ongoing projects and new clubs opening every month worldwide. However, keep in mind that padel is a brand new sport, and the courts alone will not be enough to run a successful business.

There are lots of crucial questions that need answers before investing your money. Just like every other entrepreneur designing a new project, you need a serious market study and business plan to make sure the adventure is worth it. The objective is clear: minimize the risks and maximize your chances of success.

We also provide support and tools to existing clubs in order to generate more revenue with clear and concrete actions.

We adapt to your needs by providing our expertise “A la carte”.

We also adapt to your geographic zone and culture: we speak French, English and Spanish.


Main fields of expertise

  • Inside and outside modeling

  • Products and pricing

  • Brand awareness and image

  • Communication & events

  • Daily club management


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