A special feature of our court is that the load-bearing structure (the post) is made up of a powder coated aluminium profile while other constructors offer only steel. Aluminium presents the following advantages:

Garantie 15ansResistant

By its chemical composition, aluminium has a natural resistance to atmospheric corrosion. That is why it represents the perfect solution for padel courts located near the sea or the ocean.

15 year warranty on the aluminium profile as well as on the powder coated.

equerre modifalu recyclableSustainable

Aluminium is a 100% clean recyclable material. You will be able to thus benefit from the grants on behalf of some town halls that encourage projects carried out in sustainable development.




Aluminium is much lighter than steel and easier to manipulate. In the case of a player colliding with the structure, it can absorb more of the shock than steel.


The aluminium is lacquered in the color of your choice. It is also possible to incorporate graphic motifs on the structure of any image of your choice!


Reduction of maintainance costs because the aluminium doesn’t rust.



The steel that we use for the fencing is 4mm thick C9D steel which allows a better rigidity and resistance then other courts which generally use 3mm. This is a steel which is often used in outdoor constructions because of its strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion. The steel is also galvanized, a process which is designed to increase the court’s resistance to weather.

All of the fastening hardware is in stainless steel.

20150521_203157THE GLASS – Standard NF EN 1250-1 

The tempered glass is treated through a process to improve its mechanical properties. Tempered glass is two to five times stronger than ordinary glass. Also, this process improves its resistance to shock, compression, bending and tension.

The padel court is made of 14 glasses of 3mx2m and 4 glasses made of 2mx2m. We generally use 10mm thick glass for the standard courts and 12mm for the panoramics, which require more strength.


Synthetic turf is an essential component of a padel court. Its quality directly influences the quality of the game, comfort and, most important, the safety of the players. This is why we chose to work with Edelgrass, Dutch specialist of synthetic turf from more than 30 years.

The Edelgrass range of artificial turf products for tennis and padel have been developed in the R&D laboratories of the company. The development process has been carried out together with international prestigious research centres of biomechanics and high tech.

We have a large range of products offering from the classic fibrillated turf to the high quality monofilament turf. Each one is available in several colors in order to offer the most customized product to each customer. Each one of our synthetic turf has a 8 year warranty.

Our Edelgrass synthetic turfs for tennis and padel are deisgned to offer a maximum level of performance, safety, comfort and durability.


20150521_203137THE NET20150521_202532

The net, which is specially designed for padel courts, is supported by 2 aluminium tensors on each side.

A post can be added as an extension of the tensor to separate the door space in half.

The two configurations are approved by the International Padel Federation.


The International Padel Federation authorizes the addition of doors on your padel courts. This option is a solution to security problems for clubs that may be subject to vandalism and also to better control access for your members.


20150521_202940LIGHTING – Standard NF P90-110

The court comes with four 6.5m lighting posts.

The average level of lighting is superior at 300 lux. It is obtained by the average of the 15 points of measure (see drawing below) The coefficient of uniformity is always superior at 0.7.

schema lumiere


eclairageHalogen lighting – 8x400w

Eclairage standard recommandé pour la pratique du padel en loisir.

eclairage ledLED lighting- 8x200w

See our LED lighting