Padel Connection


Our team of specialists will build your concrete base, an essential element in the construction of your padel court. A well-done slab will prevent false rebounds and allow better rainwater evaporation. We assure foundations that are solid, durable and perfectly adequate to accommodate future padel courts. Security is our priority, and all of our work is covered by a ten-year warranty.




It is also possible to construct a padel court on an existing tennis court, a more economical solution which interests many tennis clubs today.

  • If the tennis court is in porous concrete, concrete beams measuring 40x40cm and 60m linear must be built in order to attach the padel courts.
  • If the tennis court is in Green Set, the padel court can be fixed directly on top which makes it the most economical solution. However, the evaporation of rainwater will not be as good as that of porous concrete.



drapeau francais

At Padel Connection, quality is at the heart of our concerns. All of our courts are designed by our engineers with concern to the smallest detail according to a process that is 100% in accordance with the specifications established by the Fédération Française de Tennis and the Federacion Internacional de Padel.

We have our own technical office composed of specialized technicians who will install your courts. A 100% French know-how accompanied with an expertise in this field ensures a maximum quality installation. The construction is done in two steps: first the concrete foundation then the installation of the court.

    • The glass is perfectly aligned with the fence.coins
    • In the corners, the two perpendicular glasses stick to each other, therefore eliminating the usual gaps that create a bad bounce.
    • For the sake of eliminating bad bounces, we position the turf so that it slightly exceeds the limits of the court.
    • We verify the quality of the slab before laying the foundations in order to avoid any bad bounces and problems with water evaporation.
    • A 10 year warranty which covers the entire infrastructure.


Our courts were created to offer the safest and most comfortable gaming experience as well as the best possible environment for players and spectators.